Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Yeast Infection No More Scam - Yeast Infection In All Age Groups

Yeast infection in all age
Affected all age groups, with the highest prevalence among 15-19 year old (16%) Children under 1 year are 2%. Persons over 75 years of 3.7% it is reported throughout the yeast infection with a slight decline in the spring.

Source of yeast infection

The source of infection is infesting ovary man the route of transmission Intimate or sexual contact, eve. Exposure to contaminated zirconium personal or lingerie, or sleeping in the same bed with an infected person Mite is embedded in the skin for 2.5 min.

Incubation time

In primary infestation is prorates or eruptions occur for 4-6 weeks, at rein estate within 1-4 days.

The period of infectiousness If mites and eggs are destroyed therapy, usually a week for 1 or 2 treatment procedures.


The primary predisposing factors are social intimacy, overpopulation, population migration, poor hygiene, immunological factors, malnutrition and institutionalization.
Yeast infection population

The increased risk is observed in the elderly, debilitated persons of all ages, the immune compromised and mentally retarded.

The main role of delayed hypersensitivity Infest vane people has low levels of Riga, positive intra dermal tests, blood domain.

Infestation is characterized by an accelerated response to a small number of mites in a shorter incubation time

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