Thursday, 7 February 2013

{=The Period Of Infectiousness In The Penis=}

Throughout the world, even in sporadic outbreaks, more so in developing countries it affects mainly children and young adults. In US in the last 5 years, an average of 1,000 reported hepatitis A disease annually (morbidity 10/100, 000).

As a result of the favorable long-term trend in the percentage of morbidity susceptible population this is favorable for the possible development of smaller and larger epidemics.

 An increasing number of diseases in people with risk behavior and number of imported diseases
ReservoirInfected person or infected monkeys (eg chimpanzees in laboratories).

The route of transmission
Fecal-oral directly from person to person or indirectly by contaminated water, food, objects, rarely blood

 Incubation time
14-50 days, usually around 30 days

Pearly penile papules are present 1-2 weeks before and 1-3 weeks after the onset of disease (occasionally described up to 6 months) in the blood in the second half of the incubation period and the onset of the disease.

General, immunity after the disease is life long

 Principles of therapy
Symptomatic therapy regimen measures (especially diet).
 Epidemiological measures preventive
Improving personal and general hygiene, health education

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