Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Yeast Infection No More Scam--->TIPS FOR THE HUMAN BODY

yeast infection
yeast infection

How do you want to prove that fingernails grow faster than on foot, and grow than completely new, it takes six months? Or that the fastest growing nail on the index finger, the slowest in the middle. Our own body is a source of constant mystery!

Wonders of the human body

In the body have different chemical elements: iron, to 1.5 cm long nail, carbon yeast infection no more scam pencils to 1000, sulfur, that would kill all fleas on an average dog
The fat content of a human can produce 7 bars of soap (sometimes more.)

Penis is (on average) twice the length of an inch on
The man's hand

When we sleep, the body burns more calories than watching TV

Food arrives from the mouth to the stomach for seven seconds

Under the fingers of each leg is more than a thousand milliard bacteria

To keep the body standing stability employs 300 muscles
Human hair can hold 3 kg weight

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The liver can restore function even when they are removed from the 80%
In addition to the fingerprint we have absolutely individual fingerprints language
Water from person would fill the barrel 37litrovĂ˝
Thigh bone is stronger than cement and legs is a quarter of all the bones
The greatest glue teal muscle---->Russell Wilson 
Women heart beats faster than men
yeast infection
yeast infection
Women blink 2x as much as men

Person's skin weighs 2 xs more than his brain

Typically lose 40 to 100 hairs a day

The human brain is 80% water, and stop growing at age 18. Its
Capacity is 4 terabytes and human senses every second can pass into the brain 100 million messages

In the body, we have almost 113,000 km lived

Usually, we hear just the opposite advice - what drugs to use, what we soon recovered. Today we prefer to look at what medications not to take you to the contrary, even more hurt. Common drugs can overdose!

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