Wednesday, 23 January 2013

DUKE PETERSON VISION WITHOUT GLASSES - Common Mistakes Made In Fitness Training

Teapot carbohydrate (glucose) when load is generally known but the question remains,

How to ensure optimal way, which is what form of carbohydrate to choose when and how much is consumed, so that we achieve the desired effect, and also to avoid digestive problems although various studies and findings in this

Area are not entirely uniform, we can summarize the current level of knowledge in the following recommendations. Applies, in principle, that the  DUKE PETERSON VISION intake of carbohydrates can improve the performance of longer than 45 minutes so when endurance training, and of course during the race consuming adequate carbohydrate greatly help.

Carbohydrate type is very important, especially in relation to the speed of supply. It's because there are various different types of oxidized rapidly.

 In principle it is true that the combination of malt Dexedrine and fructose or malt Dexedrine, glucose-fructose is optimal as a source of quick energy during exercise.

Actual carbohydrate intake and their concrete form is not too important, but it can significantly affect the stomach's ability to absorb liquid.

 Highly concentrated carbohydrate solutions had a negative effect on the absorption of fluids. In practice it is therefore recommended during exercise regularly receive small amounts of carbohydrates always in combination with liquid, thus diluted carbohydrate drink.

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